Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The House of the Sages Memorial

We regretfully wish to inform of the passing of
Rabbi Leibele Ziprin,
Rabbi Ziprin passed away this Sunday Morning, he will be interred in the Holy Land.

Rabbi Ziprin was a cherished member and senior Rabbi at the Society of the House of the Sages, for over 30 years.

The Aron will stop at the Anshe Mamod at 3:00pm
For all who wish to pay their final respects.

Rabbi Ziprin was a surviving legacy of Torah Dynasties in Eretz Yisrael and Europe. He was an instrumental pioneer of Torah true values in America. Despite the physical pain he was always concerned with making other people happy. He always knew the right thing to say to somebody, encouraging his friends with a story or with inspirational words. Never repeating the same thing twice, you always felt that his message came just for you and just at the right time.

Woefully! What tribute can we goodbye to somebody who gave so much of himself so eloquently for Kehila, Alas! We will honor his memory by devoting our lives to the Eternal values of our heritage he transmitted to us from the holy sources of his family and the example of his life. There can be no other fitting tribute to Rabbi Ziprin a link from days gone by, a witness to the hallowed past that words cannot describe, it was truly a priviledge to know him. His legacy survives with his children they will always cherish their father's memory in their hearts.


  1. Lionel was a deep and wonderful man who I got to know over a period of several years, and who once graced my family's Purim table with his beneficent presence, and quick-witted banter. It was my pleasure to visit him in his apartment overladen with books, manuscripts, trunks, papers, etc., to help him out from time to time. He will be sorely missed. May his family be comforted by his memory and thoughts and prayers of the many, many people he touched during his varied and colorful life. -- Irving Wiesen iwiesen@wiesenlaw.com